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Italian Gelato in Salt Lake City

Gelato Italiano

Every month Italian speakers and Italophiles get together at Sweetaly Gelato in Salt Lake City to improve and practice their skills with the Italian language. Join them and become a part of the Salt Lake Italian community. If you don’t speak Italian, no problem. Come listen and enjoy!  Every last Friday.

Italian Club Approved

There is something special about Italian food. It might be the simplicity of ingredients or the passion that goes into making it. But those who have been to Italy know, that there is nothing quite like real Italian food. So we compiled a list of Italian Club Approved restaurants here in Salt Lake City

Italian Community Salt Lake City Utah

Learn Italian With us!

Our six-week long language courses are designed for beginners through intermediate levels. Classes are held once a week at Raw Been Coffee shop

Learn Italian With Us!

Italian Club of Salt Lake, Beginner Classes

Beginner Classes

Benvenuti! In these courses you will learn basic communication skills (speaking, reading and writing) that you will use in different settings as you travel through Italy.

Come join us and our Italian community in Salt Lake City.

Italian Club of Salt Lake, Rome, Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes

Learning a second language opens up new pathways of thought and ways to communicate. Our intermediate classes are full of students who have a passion for the Italian language and culture. Here you will build on previous learned skills and polish your Italian.

Italian club of salt lake, Events

Italian Events in Salt Lake City

The Italian Club of Salt Lake loves to put on events. Sign up to our newsletter for updates on 2018 events!