Announcing our New Teacher and Advanced Class!

The ICSL is proud to announce the addition of Yaroch Rocque, our newest Italian instructor, who will also be teaching our newly-added Advanced language course!

Yaroch collageYaroch is a chemical analyst. He lived in Italy for a few years and loved every minute of speaking Italian, enriching himself with Italian culture, and spoiling himself with Italian cuisine. Upon his return, he expanded his exploration of foreign language with the study of Spanish and French. He now studies Russian when he has time. He has spent extensive amounts of time in Mexico, has lived in five different states, including California, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington and in an ideal world would spend all of his time exploring the globe. He currently lives in Salt Lake City on what many deem an urban farm, with chickens, ducks, bunnies, lots of plants, and two cats: Leo and Bertha.

Information about the Advanced Language Class:

This six-week course is designed for students of Italian with a strong command of the language. In this class you will read and discuss authentic Italian material and converse about a variety of current topics. Italian is a language of culture. Knowing it means having access to a literary heritage of fundamental importance. Join us!

The first class session will be Monday, February 29 at 5:30-7:00 at the Raw Bean Coffee House. Sign up for class here!

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