Apericena & Cinema

By Gina Fabbro

Summer nights are full of fun things to do, including events with the Italian Club! We recently hosted an Apericena & Film night on the University of Utah campus, where we served small appetizer bites before watching Roberto Benigni’s masterpiece “La Vita è Bella” (Life is Beautiful).

© Giuliana Marple for ICSL

© Giuliana Marple for ICSL

Here is the menu from the event, in case you’re interested in doing your own apericena e cinema night:

Non-alcoholic Bellini: Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, peach puree, and ice. You can also use a sparkling lemon drink, such as San Pellegrino Limonata, as a base.

Crostini bar: bite-sized pieces of bread topped with things like pecorino cheese, sundried tomatoes, salami, arugula, mushrooms, and olive oil. Choose your own adventure, there’s no wrong way to build a crostino!

Prosciutto e melone: As simple as it sounds and twice as delicious. We used cantaloupe and honeydew, and wrapped it with prosciutto

Dessert crostino: Thank you to Heather for this amazing idea! Bite-sized bread topped with ricotta cheese, honey, fresh cherries, and a sprinkling of shaved dark chocolate.

These events are open to everyone of any Italian level! Keep an eye out for more things going on with the club!

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