Italian History: 25 Aprile, Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day)

By Corinna Bolpagni

April 25th is incredibly significant in Italian culture, because on this day in 1945 The Resistance won a hard-fought victory against the Nazi occupation of the country during WWII. That day, the city of Milan took over the Fascists, and Turin was liberated along with most of the rest of Italy. Then, on 28th of April, Mussolini was finally captured and killed.

It is important to remember that The Resistance had a primary role in that victory.

But what is The Resistance (La Resistenza)?

The Resistance, along with the Alliance, fought to defeat the Nazis and Fascism. The Resistance included people of different social backgrounds and of different political views.

American soldiers celebrated by the people after the liberation.

Those that fought in The Resistance were called “Partigiano”. The actions of the Partigiani, along with the Allied army, won several battles against the Nazi forces.

Thanks to the constant conflict of the opposers against Fascism, Democracy has been settled in Italy. In fact, if Italy now is a Republic, we owe it to La Resistenza.

Our “Costituzione” (Constitution) is based on different political traditions and on the principles of democracy and antifascism.

Every year, all the cities and villages of Italy celebrate April 25th with events and concerts, in order to remember that victory 72 years ago.

If it happens that you are visiting Italy on this day, you will see a lot of people in the streets, singing and celebrating with joy. During these events there are still some Partigiani who walk with women, men and children, proud of what they accomplished. It’s a really touching and emotional moment.

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