About Us

ICSL was established to promote Italian culture in the Salt Lake community through education and social activities. The idea is to bring together both native Italian speakers and students of the language for regular, casual conversation. Our social events serve as an excellent opportunity to meet individuals of similar backgrounds, interests and a love for Italy! Plus, students of the language will be able to put into practice the vocabulary and concepts learned in the classroom.

A  number of Italian scholars and professionals living in the Salt Lake City area ensure a strong pool of teachers, presenters, and seminar leaders that help share their knowledge and passion within the ICSL.  A team of University of Utah students also ensures the maintenance and proper functioning of the ICSL website.  Students often volunteer their time and energy for various activities making the ICSL successful in all its endeavors.

Who are we?

giulianaIn 2008, current director Giuliana Marple joined the ICSL as a teacher. Her enthusiasm for teaching has carried over to her leadership of the club. In describing her goals, she says, “I love to see a piece of my Bel Paese in Salt Lake City, a place where people can get a sense of Italy, read Italian books, watch Italian movies, eat together and share inspiring stories”.

Giuliana holds a Master’s in Foreign Language Teaching from the University of Utah where she teaches Italian and Italian Civilization. Her favorite period in Italian history is the “Risorgimento”.


natashaNatasha Pengue is an Italian/American, who teaches our Intermediate Italian II course. Her family lives in Italy but she was born here in the U.S.. Natasha has a passion for teaching and a passion for the Italian culture and language.  She also has a TEFL certification for teaching English as a foreign language and wants to obtain a Masters degree in education and Italian language. She hopes to pursue her dream of opening a language school and traveling with students helping them to immerse in the language and appreciate the wonderful experience of seeing and learning a new culture.


Heather HeadshotHeather Coates Hamblin is a graduate of the University of Utah, having studied English and Italian. An insatiable explorer, she has traveled extensively internationally and domestically.  Professionally, Heather works as a Strategy Writer for University of Utah Health. She has also worked as a freelance writer for publications like The Culture Trip (London), and Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine (Utah).

When she isn’t writing or studying, you can find Heather cooking, doing yoga, or exploring the hiking trails and ski runs in her native state…and sneaking away to Italy whenever she gets the chance. Heather has been co-teaching the Beginning Italian I class since August of 2015.


Kelsey HeadshotKelsey Bohman graduated from the University of Utah, with International Studies, Russian and Italian. Though Utah-born, she spent half her childhood in Italy attending elementary, middle, and first two years of high school in public school. She loves anything and everything Italian and although not technically Italian, feels like a native at heart! She loves being involved with ICSL, teaching Advanced Conversation, and having a little piece of Italy here in Salt Lake. She is a travel enthusiast and loves to learn about different cultures. When not traveling, she enjoys volleyball, skiing and exploring beautiful Utah!


danielDaniel Meza Rincon was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He’s lived in the beautiful state of Utah since he was 11. He has always had a passion for education and languages.  He graduated from the University of Utah in 2012 with a Business Administration degree, an International Studies minor, Italian Minor, and TESOL Certificate.  He taught English and Spanish for three months in the small town of Montecosaro Scalo in Italy. His passion for the Italian language and language teaching/learning has motivated him to join our Italian Club.  He loves to travel, learn from other cultures, and hike whenever time permits.


Support Team

Taylor_headshot 2Taylor Hahn recently graduated from the University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business, with a Marketing B.A., and an Italian Minor. She took three years of Italian language and literature at the University of Utah and was able to enjoy her first international adventure through a study abroad program in Siena, Italy. She loves the diversity, history, and fascinating places that Italy has to offer and is excited to help promote its presence in Salt Lake as the club’s secretary and as a co-teacher for the Beginning Italian I class.

Corinna Bolpagni was born and raised in Brescia, a city in Northern Italy. In 2013 Corinna graduated in Psychology and shortly after, moved to California with her husband. After six months, she moved Ireland for a year and a half to work for Airbnb. In January 2016 she and her husband moved back to California and finally to Salt Lake. In the US, Corinna works as an independent Italian teacher, social media copywriter for an Italian marketing agency, and helps the ICSL as an Administrative Coordinator. She has a strong passion for fashion (like a real Italian) and traveling. In fact, she loves taking road trips and discovering America.

Gina Fabbro
helps ICSL with event planning and club organization. She spent 10 months in the beautiful city of Perugia, where she interned at a study abroad organization and learned Italian. Gina is a resident of Salt Lake and currently works in education. She is an avid traveler, lover of culture, good food, and a general movie buff. Gina is excited to help share Italian culture and language with the Italian Club!