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Italian Club of Salt Lake City Utah

ICSL was established to promote Italian culture in the Salt Lake community through education and social activities. The idea is to bring together both native Italian speakers and students of the language for regular, casual conversation. Our social events serve as an excellent opportunity to meet individuals of similar backgrounds, interests and a love for Italy! Plus, students of the language will be able to put into practice the vocabulary and concepts learned in the classroom.

A  number of Italian scholars and professionals living in the Salt Lake City area ensure a strong pool of teachers, presenters, and seminar leaders that help share their knowledge and passion within the ICSL.  A team of University of Utah students also ensures the maintenance and proper functioning of the ICSL website.  Students often volunteer their time and energy for various activities making the ICSL successful in all its endeavors.

Reach out to us! We love hearing from the community.

Italian Club of Salt Lake, Montepulcciano, Italy