Street Smarts: Via Garibaldi

By Kelsey Bohman When visiting Italy, you may have noticed that the main roads in many cities have the same name. One of the many is via Garibaldi. There is a via Garibaldi in Genoa, Rome, Venice, Turin, Florence, Naples, Palermo along with probably just about every other major Italian city and … [Read more...]

Italian History: 25 Aprile, Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day)

By Corinna Bolpagni April 25th is incredibly significant in Italian culture, because on this day in 1945 The Resistance won a hard-fought victory against the Nazi occupation of the country during WWII. That day, the city of Milan took over the Fascists, and Turin was liberated along with most of … [Read more...]

Italian Classes Starting This Week!

It's not too late too sign up for Italian classes - starting up this week! Check out the schedule below to see when your class begins. Classes are designed for Italian conversation and grammar. To find the class that best fits your language needs, read each of our class descriptions. Each class … [Read more...]

Student Spotlight: Oliver Ventura

My love affair with Italy, while decidedly unoriginal, has genuinely changed my perspective on life. It began during my junior year of high school when I discovered Italian music. I "studied" the language by listening to artists like Mina, Laura Pausini, Elisa, Jovanotti, and Carmen Consoli. I took … [Read more...]

Italy’s Shaky History

By James Esplin Italy is a peninsula.  If you’re up to date on your geology, you may be aware that peninsulas are often created during the collision of tectonic plates, resulting in many natural wonders like Vesuvius, Etna, and ever-present geothermal activity lending itself to thermal pools and … [Read more...]

Upcoming Classes and Last Minute Changes!

March Classes and Dates We have a new round of classes beginning next week! We did have some changes to our class calendar, so please double check and make sure you have the right information if you signed up for one of the classes below. Class tuition is $90, plus $30 for a textbook (remember, the … [Read more...]

Scopa Night 2017

We had a great night with our first event of 2017: Scopa Night! … [Read more...]