It’s time to party, Italian style

  We hope that by now you all know that the Salt Lake Italian Festival is this weekend!  It will be two days of food, music, friends, and fun.  Be sure to drop by our booth to say hi, and maybe even sign up for a language class. When: Saturday, September 17  12:00 pm - 10:00 … [Read more...]

Student Spotlight: Diana Carrillo

The first time I went to Italy was on a trip with my husband and parents.  On that trip, we drove through five countries.  It was all exciting and breathtaking!  In Italy, we saw the diversity between the countryside and the cities, as well as the differences in the various areas.  Of course, we saw … [Read more...]

Apericena & Cinema

By Gina Fabbro Summer nights are full of fun things to do, including events with the Italian Club! We recently hosted an Apericena & Film night on the University of Utah campus, where we served small appetizer bites before watching Roberto Benigni’s masterpiece “La Vita è Bella” (Life is … [Read more...]

Student Spotlight: Don & Jill Croce

Jill and I started taking Italian classes this past winter as preparation for our first trip to Italy in April. The beginner classes gave us a sense of comfort with the language and also stirred our excitement about our trip. Our itinerary was set to give us as much exposure of the key cities and … [Read more...]

City Spotlight: Le Infiorata di Spello

By Gina Fabbro Spello is a small town nestled in the Umbrian hills in central Italy. While its quaint streets, friendly people, and delicious restaurants are enough of a draw, an annual event takes place that definitely warrants a visit in itself. At its heart, Le Infiorata di Spello has been … [Read more...]

Italian Club at the Opera: The Marriage of Figaro

By Gina Fabbro What do you think of when you think about opera? Do you imagine serious, dramatic, sometimes over-the-top stories, filled with love, betrayal, and sometimes death? (I’m looking at you, Tosca !) While this may be true for the majority of operas, it definitely does not apply to the … [Read more...]

Italian Recipe Series: Handmade Ricotta

Is there anything better in life than good cheese?  I think not.  I have wanted to try my hand at making fresh cheese for a while, but wasn’t sure where to begin.  I hopped online and did some research on what varieties were easiest for first-timers, and got a lot of encouragement while reading … [Read more...]