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Our wonderful teachers are excited and prepared to help students in any level begin, or continue, their journey with the beautiful Italian language. Each class meets for 90 minutes, for 6 weeks. The cost of the class is $90 plus a textbook. Classes are formed and teachers are paid based on enrollment, so get some friends or family and start learning together!

raw-bean-logoAll classes (unless otherwise stated) will take place on the second floor at the Raw Bean Coffee House, 611 South, West Temple, in downtown Salt Lake City. Make sure to grab a drink before class!

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Beginning Italian I

Current Session:
Begins: Monday, September 18        Ends: Monday, October 23

Nuovo Progetto App for iPad

iPad version of our Italian courses textbook. Available on the Apple App Store

Taylor and Heather will be co-teaching out of the textbook: Nuovo Progetto Italiano I. Books will cost an additional $30 and can be picked up on the first day of class. There is also an iPad version of the book available for $18. All Beginning I classes will be on Mondays, 5:30 – 7:00 at the Raw Bean Coffee House.

Beginning Italian I focuses on:

  • Basic Conversation
  • Gendered Nouns
  • Common Vocabulary and Basic Adjectives
  • Colors, Numbers, Days, and Months
  • Definite and Indefinite Articles
  • Auxiliary and Present Regular/Irregular Verbs

Next Session:
Monday, November 6       Ends: Monday, December 11


Beginning Italian II:

Current Session:
Begins: Tuesday, September 19           Ends: Tuesday, October 24

Beginning Italian II will be for learners who have some background with the Italian language and would like to maintain those skills in a casual, classroom setting. This course session will be on Tuesdays, from 5:30-7:00 with Daniel. Nuovo Progetto Italiano I (the same book as Beginning Italian I!) will be the textbook for the class – an iPad version is available on the App Store. The textbook will also be available for $30 on the first day of class.

Beginning Italian II topics:

  • Continue basic conversation skills
  • Numbers and Math in Italian
  • Telling time
  • Read and talk about simple topics
  • Writing/Listening Exercises
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Preposizione Articolate (Articulated Prepositions)
  • Passato Prossimoi (Present Perfect Tense)

Next Session:
Begins: Tuesday, November 7          Ends: Tuesday, December 12


Intermediate Italian I

Current Session:

Begins: Thursday, September 21       Ends: Thursday, October 26*

* – There will be no class on Thursday, September 28. Instead, class will be rescheduled to Wednesday, September 27. Location TBD.

Our newest class, Intermediate Italian I, will be a continuation of Beginning Italian classes. Daniel will also be leading this course, and classes will be on Thursdays, from 5:30 – 7:00. Nuovo Progetto Italiano I (the same book as Beginning Italian I and II!) will be the textbook for the class – an iPad version is available on the App Store. The textbook will also be available for $30 on the first day of class.

Intermediate Italian II topics:

  • Continue Basic Conversation Skills
  • Futuro Semplice (Simple Future)
  • Futuro Composto (Future Perfect)
  • Possessive Adjectives (continuation)
  • Introduction to the use of ci in Italian

Next Session:
Begins: Thursday, November 2      Ends: Thursday, December 14 (No class November 23 for Thanksgiving Holiday)

Intermediate Italian II

Current Session:
Begins: Saturday, September 30             Ends: Saturday, November 4

Intermediate Italian classes will be held on Saturday mornings, from 10:00 – 11:30 with Natasha. The textbook for this course is Nuovo Progetto Italiano I, the same book used for all previous ICSL classes. If you do not have a textbook, they are available for purchase on the first day of class.

Intermediate Italian Topics:

  • Talk about and tells stories of the past
  • Give recommendations and express our opinions
  • Learn to talk about our passions, interests and passions of Italian culture
  • Other useful expressions for dialogue to use while agreeing or disagreeing with others

Next Session:

Class will resume after the Holidays

Advanced Conversation

Current Session:
Begins: TBD           Ends: TBD

Advanced Conversation will be cancelled until further notice. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out when it returns! This six-week course is designed for Italian speakers with a strong command of the language. In this class you will read and discuss authentic Italian material and discuss a variety of current topics.


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