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Beginning Italian I: August 6 – September 17


Beginning Italian I

Current/Upcoming Session: 

Begins: Monday, August 6   Ends: Monday, September 17 (skip Labor Day, September 3)

Our wonderful teachers are excited and prepared to help students at any level to begin or continue their journey with the beautiful Italian language. Each class meets for 90 minutes, for six weeks. The cost of the class is $120 plus a textbook. The classes are formed based on student enrollment. 

Beginning Italian I focuses on:

  • Basic Conversation
  • Gendered Nouns
  • Common Vocabulary and Basic Adjectives
  • Colors, Numbers, Days, and Months
  • Definite and Indefinite Articles
  • Auxiliary and Present Regular/Irregular Verbs

Next Session: 

This session’s classes will be one hour long, for 8 weeks.

Begins: Monday, September 24   Ends: Monday, November 12

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iPad version of our Italian courses textbook. Available on the Apple App Store[/caption]

Taylor and Heather will be co-teaching out of the textbook: Nuovo Progetto Italiano I. Books will cost an additional $30 and can be picked up on the first day of class. There is also an iPad version of the book available for $18. All Beginning I classes will be on Mondays, 5:30 – 7:00 at the Raw Bean Coffee House.


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