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Intermediate Italian I: March 13 – April 17


Intermediate Italian I

Current/Upcoming Session:

Begins: Tuesday, March 13    Ends: Tuesday, April 17

IMPORTANT NOTE: The current session’s class time will be 5:30 – 7:00.  

Intermediate Italian I, will be a continuation of our Beginning Italian classes. Daniel will also be leading this course, and classes will be on Tuesdays. Nuovo Progetto Italiano I (the same book as Beginning Italian I and II!) will be the textbook for the class – an iPad version is available on the App Store. The textbook will also be available for $30 on the first day of class.

Intermediate Italian II topics:

  • Continue Basic Conversation Skills
  • Futuro Semplice (Simple Future)
  • Futuro Composto (Future Perfect)
  • Possessive Adjectives (continuation)
  • Introduction to the use of ci in Italian

Next Session:

Begins: Tuesday, May 1    Ends: Tuesday, June 5


iPad version of our Italian courses textbook. Available on the Apple App Store[/caption]

Taylor and Heather will be co-teaching out of the textbook: Nuovo Progetto Italiano I. Books will cost an additional $30 and can be picked up on the first day of class. There is also an iPad version of the book available. All Beginning I classes will be on Mondays, 5:30 – 7:00 at the Raw Bean Coffee House.



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