Il Mio Primo Giorno a Roma

**Guest Post by Thauna - ICSL's Web Designer - if you have a story you would like to share, please submit it.** If you have the opportunity to travel to Italy, GO! If you have the chance to travel with Giuliana, don't even hesitate!! I was lucky (fortunato) to be able to take my first trip to … [Read more...]

Italian-American Heritage Month

October is Italian-American Heritage Month in the State of Utah, and the Office of the Mayor in partnership with the Salt Lake City Public Library is pleased to celebrate and showcase 2013 as the Year of Italian Culture in our Capital City. ¬†At 7pm every Tuesday in October, the public is invited to … [Read more...]

Benvenuti nella nostra nuova pagina!

Welcome to our new page! We're making some changes to the Web site and we hope that you like the new look and layout. We've updated the calendar and we are adding a blog feature. We would like the site to become more community oriented and would love your feedback. If you have any suggestions, … [Read more...]